Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tracklist : Bestival

This may seem a little retrospective but, now that the glitter has settled, I'm looking fondly back on my weekend in the Isle of Wight. This September I headed to Bestival with my boyfriend, some family and a head full of cold. As is always the case with festivals, it was my lesser looked forward to acts that really shone through, and so I have summarised my Bestival for you in a tracklist - that you can follow on Spotify too if you fancy it.

1. Sam Smith - Stay With Me: I didn't realise I was a Sam Smith fan until the moment I saw this live, with what felt like the whole of Bestival singing along.

2. Disclosure ft. Eliza Doolittle - You & Me: Disclosure were a band that I wanted to catch if I could, but actually turned out to be a bit of an unexpected highlight. The whole set was really impressive and the atmosphere in the crowd was great. They had lots of guests (and even snuck Sam Smith out again) but I think Eliza in her little crown with her big hair and even bigger voice was my favourite.

3. Outkast - Hey Ya: If you were there, you will know how big the crowd for Outkast was. I've never seen so many people. After having lost some of the crew we managed to reunite just in time to go crazy dancing to Hey Ya. My nine year old nephew stayed out for this song and I feel like it'll be something he looks back on when he's older.

4. Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free: I just love this song. Who doesn't love a bit of Candi? I watched her in the sunshine with my whole family breaking out the most cringeworthy and classic dance moves and it was very lovely.

5. Foals - Bad Habit: So, I don't know if you're aware, but Foals didn't actually play this at Bestival so this might not really count. Foals were one of the big draws to Bestival for me this year and this is my favourite song of theirs. Despite much protesting from the members of my group who were looking for something they could dance to, I made them stick it out until the bitter end just wanting to hear this song. Although Yannis looked very lovely in his feathered shoulder pads, and I must admit to being ever so slightly won back around by the glitter cannon expelled at the end, the fact that I didn't get to hear Bad Habit is my biggest disappointment of the weekend.

6. Basement Jaxx - Red Alert: Basement Jaxx came at the end of a long day of feeling really ill and pretty tired, by which time I had a voice that resembled Patty from The Simpsons (ideal). My mum and stepdad joined us on this day and got the most drunk I've ever seen them, which was very very funny and improved my mood immeasurably. My sister and I were the only ones that made it to see Basement Jaxx in their 1-2 am slot and we stood outside the Big Top having one of our deep and meaningful chats with this in the background.

7. Clean Bandit - Rather Be: I have never seen my youngest nephew, Alfie, as excited as he was when this started playing. Finally, a song he knew all the words to!

8. Major Lazer - Watch Out For This: 
Major Lazer was a major (sorry!) highlight for all of us. My nephews want crazy having dance-offs with any game passers by and joined in for all the shirt whipping etc. I think my stepdad even announced that he was going to buy the CD for his car. Surprisingly, an act for the whole family.

9. Chvrches - We Sink: 
My boyfriend and I sat outside the Big Top reflecting on the weekend while we listened to the band and watched what can only be described as their biggest fan sing every word to every song and dance enthusiastically with tears in his eyes. I could only convince Will to come with me because he'd heard this song on Fifa and then he didn't want to leave for Chic because he hadn't heard it yet.

10. Chic ft. Nile Rodgers - We are Family: 
I went to Bestival with my boyfriend, two sisters, my brother-in-law, a large number of nephews, nieces and then my mum and stepdad joined us on Saturday. It was absolutely brilliant. Everybody, young and old, had the time of their life. The youngest member of our group was 10 months, the oldest 56. This was a pretty special moment for us all, and despite some of us nipping between different sets and having to leave early, we all managed to be there for this song and a massive group hug dance which I hope I will remember for a long time.

If you went to a festival this summer, who was your best act? And even if you didn't, leave me your favourite singers/bands/rappers/beat boxers/whistlers/one-man-bands below and I'll be sure to check them out!

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