Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Life list : 8 little things that were good last week

After a hell of a week last week, I decided I needed to do a little looking on the bright side. A lot of it is food related, but I don't trust anyone who tells me that eating your feelings doesn't help. 

1. The times the rain stopped - London has a been a wet place over the last few weeks, but last week the clouds parted to reveal beautiful blue skies on at least two occasions and it was joyful.

2. Catch ups - My friend Lucy was the first person I met in London when I moved into my slighty (very) rough around the edges London halls five years ago now. We celebrated our friendship anniversary over cappuccinos and chocolate cake (more on that in a separate point) and she let me talk at her for over an hour.

3. Free chocolate - The aforementioned coffees and cakes were consumed at SAID in Soho. Everything about this place made me happy - the sweet yet bitter smell of chocolate as you walk in the door, the chocolate moulds that cover the walls and the massive vintage scales that sat on our table. The owner was lovely and let us sit there for ages, bringing us samples every so often. Their chocolate hazelnut spread was to die for and they sell it in ginormous jars (perfect for eating with a spoon).

4. Lunch at Miss Bun, Kentish Town - Now, if you're familiar with the 5:2 diet you'll know it's basically a form of torture dressed up as a way to lose weight. I kid, I actually really enjoy my fast days (mostly) but having a more trying week last week I decided fasting was not the way to go and visited Miss Bun instead. I tucked in to two deliciously light and fluffy steamed buns and a portion of flavoursome pork dumplings and let them warm me from the inside out, all for only £6 too!

5. Reunited - If I'm forced to find a good part of living in a different city to your boyfriend, I'd say the best bit is the excitement you feel at seeing their little face after a week or two apart. Will and I have created a bit of a tradition of battling our way through the mental Saturday crowds to meet in front of Topshop and then grabbing a drink from Joe & The Juice before deciding on our next steps. However, this week he had an empty belly and a heart set on somewhere else...

6. Patty & Bun - If there's a something I would regard myself as pretty knowledgable in, it's burgers. I try them wherever I go, leaving no brioche bun unturned. Will and I will talk about little else other than Patty & Bun for weeks after we have one - there's something so magical about the combination of sauces, the caramelised onions and the light medium/rare patty. This time we went for the chicken wings too and, even as a self-proclaimed 'non-wings person', I could understand the fuss. The meat just fell off the bone and the sauce had a great kick to it. Be warned, Will and I have been together 5 years and have seen each other in various states. This is not a first/second/third date restaurant - you WILL get messy!

7. Gone Girl - I have binged on the Gone Girl book over the last couple of weeks so that I could go to the cinema and see the film as soon as possible. I did worry that knowing the plot would make it a little less enjoyable but we both loved it and were discussing it all evening. The film is just as brilliantly written as the book, there was even laughter from the audience, but I did feel a bit queasy when I left. 

8. Afternoon tea - I told you the highlights were mostly food. Will and I had a Fortnum & Mason gift card very kindly bestowed upon us and booked in for afternoon tea on Sunday. We donned our Sunday bests and made sure to starve ourselves all morning anticipating the feast ahead. We made our way through two delicious rounds sandwiches, two scones each, the patisserie and still found a  tiny bit of room for a slice from the cake carriage. It was a very special experience, and I think I may have an afternoon tea convert on my hands. Eventually we had to say our goodbyes and waddle on home but it was a very warming and satisfying way to end the week. 

What made your week a good one? I will accept answers that aren't food related, despite what the list may suggest...

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